You Said, We Did

Here are some of the key ways we’ve incorporated the community’s feedback into the proposals. If you’d like to see the full report on what people told us and how the design has responded, please take a look at our ‘You Said, We Did’ report.

There were concerns about a taller building fitting in with the local area/overshadowing homes. Some people wanted it to look more interesting and contribute to the area.

Our review of the proposal has included a Daylight/Sunlight study, which confirmed that a 15-storey building is still the best way to deliver the required number of homes while giving the best possible levels of daylight/sunlight.

We have also changed the building to a pentagonal (5-sided) shape, making it more elegant and less imposing.

We have added details in the brickwork to make the building more attractive and inviting to the eye. We have also looked carefully at the way the building meets the ground, to ensure it feels inviting at ground level.

There was concern that new commercial spaces would impact Golborne Road and change the residential feel of the area.

We have taken these concerns on board and thoroughly reviewed our approach to commercial spaces.

We’ve analysed the impact new buildings and retail spaces will have on the area, and there is strong evidence they will bring more people to the North end of Portobello Road and consequently to the surrounding area.

We’re getting advice on the best ground floor uses to create a vibrant street whilst remaining sensitive to surrounding businesses.

Residents made several suggestions about features for the new public space, including more greenery and seating areas.

The proposals for the new public spaces – including the new public square – have incorporated several suggestions from the community – find out more on pages 21-23.

Residents emphasised the importance of ensuring pedestrians’ and cyclists’ safety from traffic

The extension to Portobello Road will make use of shared surfaces and traffic calming measures, to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists and to make street events easier.

The road may be closed to traffic occasionally for special events. A one-way traffic system will be in force on Portobello Road. Emergency vehicles will
be able to access the site along Portobello Road, as will some servicing and delivery vehicles.

Our proposed design and landscaping will discourage traffic to this stretch of the road.

Residents expressed a preference for the use of pale materials for building exteriors, as in Phase 1.

The proposed residential buildings use a range of lighter-coloured bricks and other materials (see more details on p14).