New Public Spaces

Portobello Square

The proposals for Phase 3 include new, attractive, landscaped public spaces for the whole community.

The most important of these will be the new neighbourhood square at the northern end of Portobello Road. This will be an ideal space for casual meetings and conversations with friends and neighbours; vibrant weekend markets; and community events. Daylight/Sunlight studies have shown that it will have good levels of sunlight throughout the day.

The neighbourhood square will include significant green space and opportunities for play, as well as benches and picnic tables allowing people to socialise and relax. This is also one of three areas we could place the public art, which will be subject to further consultation with you in the future. We will look to provide one area or piece of art in Phase 3.

Block 9 courtyard

A garden at the centre of Block 9 will provide space for residents to meet and socialise – planting and trees will make the space attractive and create an ideal setting for residents to relax. It will be surrounded by the residents’ gym, lounge and co-working space, creating a hub of resident activity.

The garden itself can be closed and gated at night to prevent anti-social behaviour – with the route connecting Portobello Road to Wornington Road kept open to allow for easy movement through the site.

Community kitchen garden

The reprovided community kitchen garden will be on the roof of building 10a. This option is the preference of the Community Kitchen Garden Group and we are looking forward to working with them further to develop the detailed design of the new garden.

Changes since the 2021 application

Following the changes to road layouts we have increased the amount of public space by over 350 sqm and are able to keep 1 more tree adjacent to Barlby Roundabout.