New Public Spaces

Portobello Square

The proposals for Phase 3 include new, attractive, landscaped public spaces for the whole community.

The most important of these will be the new public square at the northern end of Portobello Road. This will be an ideal space for casual meetings and conversations with friends and neighbours; vibrant weekend markets; and community events. Daylight/Sunlight studies have shown that it will have good levels of sunlight throughout the day.

Active spaces

The new public square will be located between commercial spaces, building lobbies and the community centre, with shoppers, residents, visitors and staff all able to enjoy the square over the course of the day.

Public Square Daytime Activity
Public Square Nighttime Activity

Other Public Spaces

Portobello Road extension

Shared surfaces and landscaping will be used here to discourage traffic, to make the space safer for children, and more suitable to host street markets and other events. The road may be closed occasionally for special events; emergency vehicles and some servicing and delivery vehicles will have access.

Block 9 courtyard

An enclosed, semi-public courtyard will be created in Block 9, providing an additional attractive space for relaxation.

View from Portobello Road

Responding to feedback

Our approach has taken on board feedback and suggestions from the community, including:

  • Shared surfaces, promoting street activities and pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Planting and soft landscaping, to make the new spaces more welcoming
  • Seating areas, allowing visitors and residents to rest and relax