Transport and Connections

Phase 3 allows us to reinstate the historic street pattern of the area, improving connections and extending Portobello Road.

New routes and

A new pedestrian route through the site will be created, running from Ladbroke Grove to Wornington Road. This will also expand pedestrian access to the wider area, including Barlby Road and Treverton Street.

The proposals for Phase 3 will improve connections to the Kensal Canalside in the north, the site of a potential new Crossrail station.

Shared surfaces and
traffic calming

Traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps, will be used on Wornington Road and a oneway system used on Portobello Road, to improve safety for residents and to promote walking and cycling.

Shared surfaces and landscaping will be used on the northern extension of Portobello Road to discourage car access and limit parking and the road may be closed occasionally for special events. Emergency vehicles will have access, as will some servicing and delivery vehicles.


Cycle racks will be provided on Portobello Road , as well as TfL (Santander) bicycles.

Car club

A car club on site will reduce the need for residential parking space, as well as promoting more sustainable modes of transport such as walking and cycling.